Getting involved in complex projects of basic and applied research, to a national or international level, is our major priority. Ensuring transfer of tehnology and knowledge through systems from main stakeholders involved in the development of knowledge to beneficiaries – is our second priority. Specific applications development with specific information for internal management of your organization. Using this type of application you can take full advantage of your valued information.
Programming Languages
We can develop for you software applications using both commercial programming languages such as VB, C # and also specific public licenses like PHP and Java.
Digital Processing Technologies
Analysis and interpretation of topographical plans, orthophotoplans and satellite images.
Related databases
Related databases designed and sized from a personal level to a multinational consortium scale can be implemented using both commercial systems like ACCESS, MS SQL, ORACLE and public licensed such as MySQL.
Geographic Informational System
A geographic Informational system is an indispensable tool in the management of the spatial information component. Current technologies allows, besides spatial distribution analysis and dynamic analysis of mechanisms and phenomena in space and time, specialized applications that use specific technologies and georelated databases. dedicated COM components that can be easily able to support real-time decision making:
*ESRI (Environmental Science Research Institute) - - Map Objects; Arc Objects (ODE) Arc Engine; Arc Server; Arc SDE; arc IMS
*USDS - Global Mapper SDK
*Google API
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